Riyadh Triathletes 2020 Membership
We are glad you are interested to become a member, we look forward to having you as a part of our growing positive, healthy, and energized community. Please fill out the form and get ready for a great 2020 Season! Our memberships include attendance at all 14 races during the year, a member's kit ("goodie bag"), special rates for Riyadh Triathletes Gear, sponsor discounts, and more.
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Please enter your FULL timing chip number if you have one: e.g. AAEK-75 (tri chips AAEK) or AAEW-123 (RRR chips AAEW) - DO NOT JUST WRITE 423 or 874 - leave out the preceeding zeros eg. AAEK-7 (not AAEK-007)
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Membership can be paid in cash at the membership table at your first RT event of the 2020 season.
Are you interested to attend any pre-season training sessions with a pro-triathlete? 14-17Feb 2020 (at no-cost with membership).
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