Personalized Reading List: Grades 5-12
Are you looking for your next great book?

The Saline County Library is now offering personalized reading lists for kids! Tell us what you like to read and we'll make a list of 10 suggestions you'll love!

Fill out this form as thoroughly as possible. Lists will be completed within 1 week.

(We now offer lists for adults as well! Check out our new service, Pocket Librarian.)
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What are your favorite books? List AT LEAST three titles!
What else have you read that you liked? (Think about your favorite titles and authors, or if you like different genres like fantasy, survival, or mystery!)
What are you reading right now, or what was the last book that you read? What did you think of it?
If we could find you the perfect book, what would it be about or have in it?
Have you read any books that you didn't like? Why did you not like them?
Is there anything else we should know that will help us recommend books you will like? What are you hobbies and interests outside of school and reading?
What kinds of books do you enjoy? Check all of your favorites!
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