WHV Indictment/Accusation Form
As requested by the members, here is a digital method for the members to raise their concerns to the board. Submission of an issue here does not guarantee that there will be a sanction. In all but the most exceptional circumstances - the Captain will inform the members of the determinations of the board with regard to any disciplinary issues as part of the annual WHV Open Claret Jug extena-dinner.

Members are encouraged to provide as much detail as possible, including any corroboration to support their submission - but for the purposes of sensitivity, it is possible to submit your evidence anonymously.

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Please provide as much detail as possible - what happened, when did it happen, who was involved, do you have any evidence or witnesses to support your statement? Most importantly, who are you indicting?
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Do you have a suggested course of action? *
If you believe that you have a preferred fine/punishment/humiliation that should be associated with this issue, then please let us know here. It should be noted that truly creative and innovative suggestions are the most likely to result in your accusation finding favour. Just asking for any form of ''Motown' shows a shocking lack of imagination and is likely to result in us removing this facility! You don't have to provide a suggestion, but you know, players gonna play...extra points for suitable Westerosi punishments
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Who brings this charge before the Bored? *
Please provide your name, if we need to investigate further it would really help to let us know who you are - the information will only be seen by the board unless you agree to be named publicly. Please do not pretend to be a different member - we will remove all issues submitted under false pretences, and you will be subjected to a potential disciplinary procedure of your own. Remember the well-established doctrine of the WolfSpider
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