PopuLLar Student Post-piloting questionnaire
Please complete this very important questionnaire towards the end of the project. It will be used to allow the project team to find out how well the project functions and if changes need to be made. It is your chance to say what you think about the project. Please complete as fully as possible. Many thanks for your help.
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1. How old are you?   *
2. Date of birth *
Please format as DD/MM/YY
3. What is the name of your school?   *
4. What country do live in?   *
5. Did your group complete all the Phases? *
(writing a song, translating, recording, uploading video)
6. If your group did not complete all the Phases?
please explain, in as much detail as possible, why you stopped and what the problem was?
7. What tasks did you do or help with, in the project?             *
(tick from the list below)
8. What tasks were easy and which were difficult? *
9. Did you enjoy working in the project? *
10. Did you feel you learnt things you did not know before? *
11. Did your group work together well? *
12. Would you like to do the project again? *
 13. Do you think you would learn languages better by using projects like PopuLLar? *
14. Please comment or add your suggestions and ideas about the project:
For example, what would you change or what did you learn.
Thank you from the PopuLLar team
Thank you for testing and evaluating the PopuLLar project, you have helped a lot. You are very welcome to use the project again if you want.

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