Middle School Athletic Policy Form
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Inwood Academy Middle School Student-Athlete Policy
At Inwood Academy we believe that athletics have so many positive benefits to the development of a student. Athletics offer you, the student, an opportunity to become disciplined, enhance your ability to work with others, and develop your leadership skills. However, participating in Athletics for Inwood Academy for Leadership Charter School is something that is earned and also, most importantly a PRIVILEGE.

As a Student Athlete you will be held to a specific standard of Academic Performance, Behavior, and Conduct. As a Student Athlete you are held to these standards because you have been chosen amongst so many others, to represent the “IAL Trailblazers”.

Academic Policy using Inwood Academy Grading Rubric: (Will Be Evaluated After Progress Reports)
1 or More Failing Grades – Below a 2.0
Student Athlete is not allowed to participate in games
Student Athlete is allowed to practice
Must attend Study Hall Sessions
Reinstatement in games will be evaluated at the next progress report.
Ineligible student athletes will not be reinstated before next progress report.

Behavior Policy: (Severity of Incident can dictate degree of consequence)
First Documented Behavior Incident will result in a VERBAL warning
Second Documented Behavior Incident will result in conference with coaches, teachers, and parents, followed by an automatic 1 game suspension.
Third Behavior Incident will result in REMOVAL of Athlete from the team.

Conduct Policy:
Leadership and Sportsmanship at all events – Representation of the School
Academics take more importance than practices or games – “Student Comes First”
Abide by rules established by coach
Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated – will be handled according to Behavior Policy
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