365 Food
This is my second 365-day embroidery project, but this time I'm giving all of them away in exchange for a donation (time, money, food, etc.) to helping hungry people. There are so many good organizations you can use or just go help a person or family that needs it. It's on the honor system, but feel free to tag me (fb-Darci Lenker or ig-darcidolls) if you want to when you're giving. Thanks for helping! Outside USA welcome!

I promise I will not do anything with your address other than use it to send you art in the mail. Please check me out on Instagram and see the many, many people that will vouch for that. If you're just entering your email, please know that I can't send you anything that way and it will get thrown out.

*If you are signing up for a second time, would you make a note of it so I know you meant to do it? Thanks!


Your name and MAILING address (not email) goes here. I'll send you your art in the mail when your day comes up. Thanks!
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