20/20 Vision: Through the Lens of Christ
Event Timing: Late September - May 2020

Purpose: Koinonia Groups are a place where we can grow in small pockets of community within Hope Presbyterian Church of San Diego. The main purpose of these groups is so that people can grow spiritually through settings of smaller groups. Each Koinonia Group seeks to learn about God through the bible or books that break down specific aspects of what the bible teaches and how to apply His truths into our lives together.

What To Expect: This year we will be going through book of James. After, your group finishes, you will go through material that your group desires to go through.

What you need: A journal Bible of the book of James

You can purchase through amazon for $5.99


Or through Westminster Theological Bookstore for 3.99 (I believe you have to pay for shipping)



Q. What if I don't like the KG I'm placed in? Am I able to check out another group?

A. We ask that you at least attend 3 meetings before you try to check out another KG. Once, you've attended 3 meetings and feel that for whatever reason that you do not want to be a part of the particular KG, please notify the group leader respectfully and feel free to check out another group that isn't at full capacity.

Q. Can I still join a KG even though I'm signing up late?

A. Yes, you can.

Q. What happens when the group gets too big?

A. This is a good problem to have. When groups get too big to the point where intimacy is lost, then it's a good sign that the group needs to multiply.

For any further questions, please contact Pastor Amos Choi at amos.g.choi@gmail.com
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