2021 OVA Summer Session Original Credit/Credit Recovery Registration
Please read all of this before registering.


Registration for credit recovery or original credit will open May 3rd, 2021 and close July 15th, 2021.

Once registration is complete, the course/courses/parts will be available to begin on June 17th, 2021 and end on August 17th at 4:00 p.m. All parts/courses need to be completed by August 17th @ 4:00 p.m.

For Credit Recovery:

If you complete AND pass any credit recovery part, the school district will cover the cost of the part or courses. If you do not complete the part/course by the August 17th @ 4 p.m. or fail the part, you must repay the Octorara Area School District for the cost of the course/part (see below). This cost will be levied against your school account and will become a school obligation that must be paid. Invoices will be mailed for those that fail or do not complete the parts.

In addition to this registration, a contract will need to be submitted prior to enrollment in the course.

For Original Credit:

Payment will need to be received prior to enrollment in any original credit course. There are currently 3 ways to pay for original credit:

1. Use our online bill pay (2.66% fee) here: https://secure.municipay.com/payapp/public/ECSale.html?siteId=3eb6y3szgx&urlKey=a59b733652fbb4503f380172942af73c&deptId=3eb6y3szgx
2. Submit payment to the Octorara School District in the District Office Checks can be made out to “Octorara Area School District”.
3. Cash payments can also be made in the district office during summer hours.


Credit Recovery per part
$77 - Half Credit of Edison Learning
$154 - One Credit of Edison Learning

Original Credit:
$142 - Single Part of Edison Learning
$284 - Half Credit of Edison Learning
$568 - One Credit of Edison Learning

Technology Needs: A device with a Chrome browser and access to wifi.

Accessing your course:

A. Complete the OVA Summer School Original Credit/Credit Recovery Registration AND complete the contract for credit recovery courses only .

B. Pay for original credit using the methods outlined above.

C. Once the registration, payment (Original Credit only), and the contract (Credit Recovery only) have been received, you will receive three emails beginning June 17th:
1. The first email will be a “no reply” email from Genius that will contain a link to use to access your course along with your username and password if you have not taken an OVA course prior to this one.
2. The second email will contain a Schoology access code allowing you to access a group containing videos on how to access your courses and how to email your teachers. There will also be information provided concerning the browser requirements needed to access the course.
3. The third email will be another “no reply” email that will notify you that you have been enrolled in the online course and you can begin.

If you should fail or not complete the course by August 17th at 4:00 p.m., your failing grade or non-running grade will be used and reflected on your transcript.

New for this summer.....Support for Credit Recovery/Original Credit:

We are excited to offer the following options for in-person support for your online courses this summer. The Point would like to provide in-person support to anyone interested in working on their summer courses at The Point this summer. You can also attend in-person support at Octorara Junior/Senior High School with the support from one of our Octorara Virtual Academy Teachers. You can also work on the courses at home on your own. Please select the option that best fits your needs. The school district will be in touch with more information once the registration is received. For the in-person option, attendance is mandatory. You will have to supply your own transportation.

If you have questions concerning the appropriate course for you, please reach out to your School Counselor. If you have questions in regards to any part of the course or costs once you begin your part or course, please contact Mr. Peticca directly at mpeticca@octorara.org.
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