17-18 Student Library Survey
Please answer the questions below to help me improve the library and make it even better! Thanks, Mrs. Walker
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How do you feel about coming to the library? *
If you said you love coming to the library - tell one thing you love about coming... I love visiting the library because...
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If you said it is ok, or you would rather not come to the library, tell one reason why you don't like to come or one thing that would make you want to come...
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What are your favorite types of books to read? Check all that apply to you. *
If you don't see your favorite types of books, above please list them below.
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If you could add some books/authors or a series to the library what would it be?
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How easy is it for you to find the book you are looking for in the library? *
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Check the things you use in the library to help you locate the books you are looking for? *
If you could add something to or change the layout of the library to make it a better place what would you change?
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How often would you like your whole class to come to the library? *
What other things, besides checking out books, would you like to do when you come to the library...
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Character Education traits are our monthly themes like kindness (bullying), courage, honesty, etc... How important do you think it is to have books, videos, mini lessons and discussions around these topics? *
Very important
Not very important
We are planning to have a service club after school next year. We will work on projects that will help the school and community and give students a chance to give back to others. If you are in third, fourth or fifth grade next year would you be interested in joining? *
Do you feel like there is an issue with students being bullied at Frontier? *
No - I don't see any bullying
Yes - I feel there is a big issue with bullying
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