Phoenix Sister Cities 2019 Youth Ambassador Exchange Program Application
Please read the instructions below in full.

Thank you for your interest in the 2019 Phoenix Sister Cities Youth Ambassador Exchange Program!

Applicants are advised that this application process is in the nature of a job application. Answers to essay questions should therefore demonstrate, within the context of the question, why the applicant should be considered for the position of Youth Ambassador.

There is no opportunity to save your responses. It is highly recommended to complete short answer and essay questions in a separate document and copy and paste once ready for submission. A copy of the application contents is available at:

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This application must be received in full by 5:00 PM ON THE SECOND FRIDAY IN JANUARY (1/11/19).

Incomplete or late applications will not be considered. You will receive an email confirmation as a receipt for your submission.

2019 Phoenix Youth Ambassadors
Applicants must be in their Sophomore or Junior years of high school at the time of application, and must be residents of the City of Phoenix as determined by council district. To discover your council district, please visit:

Applicants must be US Citizens with the ability to obtain a valid US passport. Parents of participants do not need to be US citizens.

Applicants must be willing to serve to any of Phoenix's ten sister cities. Applicants are not given a choice or preference during the selection process to ensure the best possible fit between personality and country.

In addition to this application, a nomination form must be submitted on your behalf from a teacher, coach, school counselor, or community leader familiar with your qualities.

Nomination forms are available to a nominating party online at:

Nominations are submitted confidentially by email directly to Phoenix Sister Cities. Nominations must be received by the application deadline. Multiple nomination submissions may lower your score as only the least favorable one is considered.

Be sure to download and review the Mandatory YAEP calendar (found here:

Finalists for selection, in some cases with an accompanying parent or guardian, must attend certain upcoming meetings, interviews and events listed on the calendar in the months prior to departure, including monthly training sessions and city committee meetings. Missing even one event may result in dismal from the program.

Please note, Youth Ambassadors are hosted abroad for 2-3 weeks in June/early July; dates vary by sister city. The exchange is reciprocated the last 3 weeks of July in Phoenix.

Phoenix Sister Cities (“PSC”) will disqualify any applicant found to have provided false or misleading information on the application or in interviews.

Applicants selected to serve as Youth Ambassadors and their families will be required to agree to PSC's participation agreements (see signature pages section below). These are legal contracts between participants and PSC.

Hosting a foreign Youth Ambassador is an integral part of the program. Applicants and their families are advised that to determine its ability to fulfill its role as a host family, the family must consent to a home inspection, and all adult residents of the host household will be required to provide necessary information for, and consent to, the running of a criminal background check on themselves. Persons aged 18 or older will be deemed adults for this purpose. Existence of a felony conviction by any adult in the household at any time in the past will be grounds for exclusion of that household to serve as a host family in the program. Results of the background checks are treated confidentially. Failure of an applicant’s household to qualify as a host family due to a felony conviction will not disqualify that applicant from serving as a Youth Ambassador.

Unusual circumstances surrounding hosting can be taken into consideration. Please discuss any potential hosting concerns with the Program Manager. Participants are selected exclusively based upon their individual merits demonstrated in the application and interview process.

To better understand what obligations come with acceptance to the program, applicants, their families and others wishing to serve as hosts are encouraged to read the agreements before submitting an application.

Copies of BOTH required documents can be viewed online at:

As part of the application process, applicants must agree to identify any and all of their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Rejection of an access request from Phoenix Sister Cities or misrepresentation of your online identities are grounds for automatic rejection of the application.
Need-based scholarships are available. Please complete the optional scholarship application on this form to be considered. You must apply for scholarships at the time of your application.

The costs of the program can be found in the information guide provided on the website at

Be aware that the United States Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs, publishes travel alerts and warnings respecting travel to troubled areas. These are available online at:


Applicants to become Youth Ambassadors and their families should read the most recent travel alerts and warnings that may have been issued respecting travel to any Sister City. You will be required to certify in the application that you have read the postings, if any.

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