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US TIMES 4:30pm PDT, 5:30 MDT, 6:30 CDT, 7:30 EST.

You are invited to join our online 60-min beginner classes each Tuesday. You will be introduced to the Baptiste Vinyasa method of yoga, learn some sanskrit, mudras, and ways to increase your range of motion. This is an online course, live streamed. You will have live demo and can ask questions after classes. This is a class based on your needs.

Yes, we are real people on Zoom. It's not a list of pre-recorded videos to watch alone and facebook group with no real people to help you. We use this form to get to know you and help build the class around a group participation. Yes, a real live teacher.

Please use this survey as a tool to help me develop a plan for the group as a whole. Feel free to text me with any questions or comments. I will attempt to watch for any modifications I can help with via video, and recommendations.

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*Ability to monitor your exercise readiness is solely your responsibility and I urge anyone to be aware that healthcare services may be limited during our national crisis, so even if you do not have COVID19, any harm to self can have dangerous consequences. This waiver is extended to the use of video fitness practice at home/venue/space of your selection and not FBISD. Do not copy/share any portion of our private online practices. As this format is less reliable on traditional class environment, be sure to keep your devices charged for safety throughout. To participate, I need to know who is online so please identify you device with First and Last name.
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