Pathway eligibility questionnaire
New to impact management? Want to share your experiences and collaborate with others? Join the Pathway strand of the Impact Management Programme to co-design support that will help you use your impact data to improve what you do.
We're looking for charities, social enterprises and community businesses to take part in events across the country and stay involved over the next 12 months to review and test resources, develop peer learning networks and get 121 support.
Please answer the questions below to help us check you meet our criteria and are eligible to take part. Many thanks!
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Has your organisation taken on social investment before?
Social investment is repayable finance (not a grant or donation) that has both a social outcome and a financial return - so the social impact has to be measurable. See for more info.
Is your organisation interested in social investment?
What is the annual income of your organisation?
How long has your organisation been established?
Please tell us why are you interested in attending this event/what you hope to get out of it?
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