2019 Legislative Pre-Session Survey
Thank you for participating in my survey. This year I've decided to dedicate the survey to housing.
If none of the options reflect your opinion, feel free to leave it blank.

Senator Laura Thielen

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1) "Affordable" means priced for what level of income? - PICK ONE
2) Units have to stay "affordable" for how long? - PICK ONE
3) Other Minimum Requirements - Check any you agree with
4) Current state incentives only produce a few hundred "affordable" units per year, but we need at least 1,000 per year to keep up with population. Check any you agree with.
5) Lower-and-gap income families can't come up with security deposit or down payment to get into affordable units. What do you think of the following ideas?
A. State lending program for down payments/damage deposits
B. Leasehold sales on state land (Buy house and long-term lease on land)
C. Affordable "Rent to Buy" (Renter builds credit to purchase unit)
6) What issue is most important to you?
Rank the following issues from 1-5 (1-being the most important, and 5-being not as important).
Pedestrian Safety
Oppose Recreational Use of Marijuana
Support Increase in Minimum Wage
Please feel free to add any other comments below. Your comments will stay confidential.
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