MrOwl Educators Facebook Group
Are you interested in joining a Facebook group of educators who will be sharing ideas for using the free MrOwl website and app in a school setting? The creators of this platform want to work with educators to develop new features to use in the classroom, and they need feedback from teachers like you! If you are willing to help with this project, complete BOTH steps below.

1. Fill out the Google Doc form below.
2. Go to the MrOwl Educators Facebook group and click the Join button.

If you don't take BOTH steps, I won't be able to add you to the group. When I see your request to join the group, I'll approve it and you'll be in. This step might take up to 24 hours. See you in the group! Thanks! ~ Laura Candler

Please note that when you sign up for this Facebook group, you are also opting in to my email list. You can unsubscribe at any time. To learn more about my newsletter, visit the signup page here:

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