LAMMP/TDTF Unidentified Decedent Report
Thank you for helping us fill out our database.  As you find unidentified cases of people who might have been LGBTQ+, please enter them here.  Don't worry if you think we might already have the person in our database; we'll take care of merging duplicates.  You may have more information than the last person submitted, so please enter in everything you have.

DISCLAIMER: This form is not managed by any law enforcement agency.  Information gathered by this form will be used to compare to voluntarily submitted missing persons reports.  Any reasonably close comparisons will be passed on to the relevant law enforcement agencies for further investigation.  We are not responsible for any particular agency's handling of case information once we have passed the information to them.

If you have personally discovered unidentified remains of any kind that you believe to be human, please report this to the nearest law enforcement agency.

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