12/6 Strike Bus Signup - Northampton
Sign up for FREE transportation to the Western Mass Climate Strike in Springfield targeting Rep. Richard Neal!

PLEASE ARRIVE AT THE PETER PAN BUS STATION BY 11:15 AM. This bus will be returning to Northampton around 3:10 pm.

Seats will be filled based on who submits this form first, although we're giving preference to students.

Upon completing this form, you can consider yourself to have a seat reserved on the Northampton bus UNLESS you receive an email saying otherwise.


Although the seats are free, donations are greatly appreciated as Sunrise Northampton is a 100% grassroots organization and we rely on the community to keep us going for important events such as this. Donate link below.

Please Facebook RSVP to the strike if you have not already. Link below.
More info is also in the link below.

Below also contains a link for the carpool sign up. If you are over 18, please consider being part of a carpool.

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