Building Usage Request Form
Submit this form to reserve a building location for all approved events, practices and club meetings. All requests need an advance of 5 days. If the event will occur in less than 5 days, email Anne Seidel for activity groups, or Jeri Brockett for athletic teams.
Submit a technology request for projector or computer needs. (
Submit a map of your set up and or explanationZ due to the building supervisor 2 weeks before the event.
Date(s) of building request
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Person Requesting Usage
First name, last name and club.
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Specify Event
Such as Dodgeball, ticket sales, meeting etc.
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Specify room(s) . Include room number for a classroom
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Arrival time for Event set up
Please specify your arrival time for your event set up. This time period will be communicated to maintenance and will secure the room from use prior to the event.
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Start Time
Event Start Time
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End Time
Approx. End Time (will help determine custodial work schedule)
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Set up needs for the event:
Please check off the items necessary to run this event. A map and email explanation of the event set up is due to the building supervisor 2 weeks before the event.
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