West Side SD AMI Survey
During this time of school closure is the first time West Side SD has utilized AMI instruction. We are seeking your input to make the process as effective and efficient as possible. Please help us by completing this short survey.
How many children do you have who attend West Side SD?
In what grade(s) is your child(ren)?
Have you received AMI packets/digital assignments from West Side SD?
What method did your child(ren) use to complete assignments?
Entirely handwritten
Entirely digital
Regarding the assignments your child(ren) has received, were they...
Regarding the amount of time it took your child(ren) to complete assignments, was it
Did assignments for your child(ren) appear to be relevant to the expected learning for their class?
Has your child (or parent) contacted any teachers while working on AMI assignments?
What means did you contact teachers?
Were teachers accessible and receptive?
Not at all
As soon as contacted
What has worked particularly well, or what have you really liked about the AMI process?
Your answer
What has been the most difficult or frustrating aspect of the AMI process?
Your answer
Does your child(ren) or you need assistance with any additional topics?
Thank you for providing this valuable feedback. Please add anything else you would like to add, positive or negative.
Your answer
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