Street Team Interest form for [BOOK TITLE & AUTHOR]
Hi there!

As you know we are working to put together a small team of people who want to help us get the word out about [BOOK TITLE]. I know that this book is going to help so many people and having a team of like minded individuals sharing about it will make all the difference in the world.

***Note: You must be a US resident to participate.***

Benefits of being part of the street team include:

1. An exclusive advanced reader copy of the book
2. A personalized, signed book plate for your copy of the book (and/or a copy that you gift.)
3. Access to a small Facebook group for fellow street team members to share your experiences and ideas.
4. A 20% discount on up to three virtual consultations purchased before [EXPIRATION DATE] (valid for new online clients only)
5. Access to my [ONLINE MEMBERSHIP SITE NAME] for FREE at the end of our 'launch'. That's a $[PRICE] value which you can learn more about at [MEMBERSHIP SITE SALES PAGE].
6. My everlasting appreciation! (!!!)

As for what we do on the street team, if you feel that the book is worthwhile to share, you'll help spread the word about it through the end of [LAST MONTH TO PROMOTE] the ways that work for YOU. Here are some things we would love help with:

1. Pre-order [BOOK TITLE] on Amazon so you can become a verified purchaser (required.)
2. Post a review on Goodreads during the month of [THE MONTH BEFORE THE BOOK LAUNCH] and a review of the book on Amazon after publication. Respond to negative reviews with your personal experience and thoughts.
3. Post and share on social media including
• photos of yourself holding the book to social media--both the advanced reader copy & the final version
• sharing what the book means to you on social (we will provide ready made memes and other content to use if you wish)
• recommend the book on facebook threads and other social media where appropriate
4. Contact your local library and ask them to carry the book.
5. Recommend the book to people you think would benefit from it.

That's the deal. :) We are also, of course open to YOUR ideas!

If you would like to be considered, please fill out the application below. We will be choosing the team based on a number of different factors and will get back to you within a week to let you know either way.

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If you'd like to share more about your groups/communities, please tell us about them here:
Please share links to your blog/website if you have one and most active social media pages:
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This is where we will send the advance reader copy of the book if you are among those on the team.
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