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Kindly fill in the following questionnaire for our pharmacy graduates employed in your concern
1. Rate our graduates comprehensive knowledge in pharmacy at the time of joining *
2. Assess the candidate's ability to plan activities in the work place *
3. Candidate's ability to diagnose the problems and to solve the same independently *
4. Level of candidate's expertise to handle the modern tools in the firm *
5. Rate the level of leadership qualities of the candidate *
6. Assess the professional identity of the candidate *
7. Ability of the candidates to adapt pharmaceutical ethics *
8. Graduates ability to communicate effectively with employees *
9. Level of roles and responsibilities of the pharmacist in the society *
10. Rate the role of the employees in environment and its sustainability *
11. Rate the level of candidate's ability to spare head the professional skills for lifelong learning *
Thank you for spending your valuable time for filling the questionnaire.
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