UBWA Scholarship
UBWA is constantly looking for ways to empower our members to grow personally and professionally. We want our members to be able to take advantage of all opportunities that come their way and UBWA wants to help alleviate any monetary obstacles that our members may face when these opportunities come along. Because of this, UBWA is creating a scholarship that our members can apply for. These funds can be used to help pay for professional development conferences, networking events, personal growth seminars, etc.

UBWA members can request up to $200 in funding. In order to be granted a scholarship, you must fill out this UBWA Scholarship application form, be an official UBWA member (filled out application and paid dues), and be in good standing with the organization (attend meetings and other events). Any active UBWA member can apply! You must provide receipts from the event in order to receive the funding. Further information about the distribution of the funds will be provided if you have been selected to receive the scholarship.

The first deadline for scholarship applications is Wednesday, December 12th at 11:59pm.

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