Next Gen Politics Civic Fellowship 2020-21 application
Thank you for your interest in participating in our Next Generation Politics Civic Forums! Next Gen Politics aims to empower the next generation (YOU!) to make informed decisions, be active citizens, make sense of the current political climate, and get involved. This program is designed to engage motivated, civically-minded teens who are interested in developing your civic knowledge and skills through engaging with perspectives different than your own.

This fall, we'll be hosting a series of Zoom-based civic conversations on critical issues of our time--criminal justice, freedom of expression, immigration, and more--from multiple perspectives. Civic Forums will meet on Sun, Oct 4, Oct 25, Nov 15, Dec 13, Jan 10 from 1-3:30PM (our Oct 4 Orientation will be an extended Forum from 11AM-4PM with a lunch break) Fellows in good standing after the Fall will have the opportunity to apply to an optional Civic Spring internship through which you'll participate in a cross-school Civic Action Project around the issue of greatest interest to you from the fall, meeting on Feb 7, Mar 7, April 11, and May 2 with work conducted in between formal meetings. Fellows are expected to participate in ALL Civic Forums, and to indicate in advance if you will need to miss due to extenuating circumstances.

To be considered as a Civic Fellow, please fill out this application at your earliest convenience and no later than Thurs, Sept 24. If you have any questions, contact Sanda at
Email address *
Name *
What you'd like to be called (if different than name above)
School *
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Grade you'll enter in Sept *
What civic or social issues would you most like to discuss (ex. criminal justice, freedom of expression, voting rights and election safety, immigration, the environment, others)
Short Essay Responses--please pick at least TWO out of THREE to answer. Responses should be 300-500 words.
Please tell us a little bit about yourself.  What are some of your identifiers and how do you think they inform your perspective on the world (e.g. race, gender, socioeconomic status, political orientation, religion, gender identity, sexuality, etc.)? How do they shape your biases? How open are you to exploring perspectives very different than your own-- even ones that might feel offensive or off-putting? We encourage you to share a story or example if possible.  (maximum of 500 words)
Please write a thoughtful and reflective essay as to why you would like to become a Civic Fellow and participate in cross-partisan conversations about different aspects of civic engagement this year (maximum of 500 words)
Describe an ethical question facing the U.S. that is especially important to you. What do you think the key challenges are and how do you think we should deal with them as a country? (maximum of 500 words)
If selected, I commit to participating in at least 4 out of 5 of Fall Civic Forums on Zoom, providing advance notification if I cannot attend. *
Is there anything else you'd like us to know?
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