Kids Kitchen in 2020
That all just happened, didn't it? Help us review this year!
Your response will get you the chance to win an Essentials Kit or a Kids Kitchen Apron!

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From all the Kids Kitchen team - we really appreciate it thank you x

Did you join us in Kids Kitchen this year? Tick as many as you like *
If no - was there a reason? Tick as many as you like
If YES - Is any of this true for you / your family? Tick as many as you like *
And since cooking with us...
Please give us the first part of your postcode so we know which areas we are reaching?
...and if you are able to give us any of this information it would help us report to our funders too.
If you'd like to be entered into the draw for an essentials kit or an apron please put your email here
Currently if you live in Waltham Forest and are unemployed we can offer free training and support. If you are interested in this, please tell us here how we can get in touch.
Anything else you'd like to add?
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