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The Embassy SF and the Red Victorian are joining forces in lots of new ways in 2017. We are a set of two deeply connected community houses called The Embassy and the Red Victorian. Our communities are rooted in intentionality and the desire to make a conscious and positive impact by creating a commons.

Both of our houses are active parts of a broader network of similar community houses, called the Embassy Network. We have a number additional community houses in this network, including sites in Amsterdam, Costa Rica. Our goal is to continue expanding the network, enhancing the commons and experimenting with the idea of home. You can read about some of these other locations here

We are comprised of a rich nexus of awesome people, from residents, to travelers, to local friends and family. In our home cooking and dinner parties are frequent, new people are constantly brought into the fold, organized events are hosted. The common spaces are used for brainstorming, philosophizing, creating and collaborating where different skills and ideas are always welcome in the discussions, where music often plays and dancing results, and where all residents are passionate about doing good work. From dinner parties focusing on connecting with strangers to salons focusing on philosophy, politics, and culture to joint art and science projects, we see the house as vibrant place both for its residents and visitors. We have a high throughput of visitors and guests who participate in and enrich our community, from one night stays to several months. Many of our rooms are reserved for guests, and we are often hosting several people at a time!

The people are what make the place! Our group is comprised of designers, scientists, artists, writers, lawyers, technologists, musicians, and philosophers, with various backgrounds, knowledge, and experience. Several of us work at home during the day, some of us are entrepreneurs, some of us musicians, a few of us have "regular" jobs, a few are academics and some are artists and creators. Though we may have diverse interests, we're tied together by a common desire to think big, challenge and support each other in our goals, and change the world in a positive way. Ideally, we also seek people from different countries of origin and aim to keep an approximate gender balance in the house. We are looking for people to really be an integral part of this community. We focus not just on bringing a diverse set of people together, but also on helping to create a house which is distinct in its own way from the things we have all done before, and that is an emergent property of the people who live there. We strongly believe that a community like this is strengthened by our external experiences as much as our shared experiences. We are looking for people who plan to really live in the house, be home a reasonable amount, initiate, participate, and collaborate, and see this as an opportunity to organically (and playfully) create something awesome.

We'd love to find people who are passionate about the world around them and creating positive change, and who explicitly want to live in a community. We'd love a strong artistic component. Musicians, artists, dancers please apply!* We would love to have more nationalities :) We also want to maintain rough gender balance. Couples, triads, families, coparents, we encourage you all to apply!

We value the commons and our commons spaces - Our big houses require everyone to contribute to help keep it clean. We have a team of highly valued and respected cleaners who help with the big stuff, but doing dishes, emptying garbage etc. are a regular part of living at the house.

On a given night people might be doing any combination of cooking and eating dinner, working in their room, watching a movie, discussing a book, planning or executing a project, hosting an art opening, giving tours, hosting lectures or discussion groups. We actively WANT friends and interesting people to come stay with us! One might come home to big dinners or new guests on any given night - at the same time, we hope to keep a balance between community and time to oneself. You can of course always decide not to join in an activity! Cooking is an important element of the house, and those out there that like to cook are going to love this kitchen :)

We have multiple residential spaces available, in both of our houses. These range from shared rooms to both smaller and larger private rooms. Prices depend on the space but the rooms we are looking to fill range from a shared room for $800 a month (plus $375 community dues) to $1750 for a large spacious double room (plus $375 community dues).

Utilities, food, beverages and cleaning costs are shared evenly per resident, and are a flat rate of $375 a month on top of the prices of the room. Food is delivered weekly and everyone has the opportunity to curate grocery items. This room are available ASAP but we will wait to find the right additions to the community!

The Embassy is a large and ornately decorated Edwardian house previously used as a Buddhist temple in lower Haight. The house has: - 8+ bedrooms with 8 full and 2 half baths (no shortage here!). - Large kitchen (excellent for community dinners) - Large dining room (ditto) - Backup dining room (aka craft room!) - Solarium - Music Room - Lounge/Library - Co-working space - Film Screening area - Bowling alley (obviously) - Sauna (ditto) - Washer/Dryer - 2 car garage. - No TV, nor one wanted. Bonus.

The Red Victorian, built in 1904, has been a cornerstone of the Upper Haight and a gathering place for revolutionaries, artists and travelers. This building was an important meeting place through the Summer of Love, housing political protests, radical new ideas, and Sami Sunchild's artwork, creativity, and conversations around creating world peace.

For those of you that don't know Hayes Valley, the location of both these spaces is great - it borders Lower Haight on one side, Civic Center on the other and is close enough to walk to Alamo Square, NOPA, the Fillmore, Japantown, the Mission, and the Castro. The panhandle is a 10 minute walk from here. The 101 freeway entrance is a short drive away. Also nearby are various other vibrant community houses, each with different personalities.

The Embassy SF
The Red Victorian
Thursday salons at the Embassy SF - open to the public
Tuesday lectures at the Red Victorian - open to the public
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