Request to HFES TG chairs: Standards Implementation Task Force
Please have at least one person in your TG (more than one would be great) find at least two papers from HFES publications (the HFES Proceedings or any of the HFES journals).  This person (henceforth, reviewer) can be you, someone who volunteers, or someone you delegate. One of the papers should concern the topic of the responding TG and be the expertise of the reviewer. The other paper should be outside of the TG and outside of the reviewer's expertise (so, for example, the paper would be from a TG the reviewer would be unlikely to join).

Using the following materials as a guide, the reviewer should find standard practice documents (standards, best practices, guidelines, etc.) that are relevant to each of the two HFES papers and list citations for them.  Given that the topics of the two papers will be different, so too will the relevant citations.  Note that the standard practice documents of interest not only concern design requirements, but also definitions and test methods, topics that can be distant from design requirements.

The reviewer should use the form below to report the information he or she finds for each paper. There should be one form submission for each paper reviewed. The goal is to have every TG complete this activity by April 11th. Periodic reports will be released to indicate which TGs are yet to respond.
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Relevant Materials on Standards and Finding Them
General Information:


Green, P. (2020).  ISO Human-Computer Interaction Standards: Finding Them and What They Contain, Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.

Green, P. (2019).  SAE Automotive Human Factors Standards:  Finding Them and What They Contain, Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.
HFES Page on Standards:

Tutorial materials on standards (Youtube playlists):

Human Factors & Automotive Standards:

Core & Newer SAE Vehicle Standards:

Human Factors / Ergonomics Standards:

Selected ISO Human-Computer Interaction:

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What is your TG? *
What is the citation and/or link to the paper you reviewed (note it should be an HFES publication; see *
Which TG is this paper most relevant to? *
What are the references to the relevant standard practice documents (standards, best practices, guidelines, etc.) you found for this paper (please use the APA 7 citation style as illustrated below; no italics or indentation required)? [Note, you can enter as many citations as you want into the long form text box below. Also note that this field can be left blank, but only if you were not able to find any relevant standards.]
APA 7 citation style for standard
(optional, but appreciated) Please use the long form text box below to leave any comments you would like about this process. This could include (but is not limited to) the difficulty or ease of finding the standards,  challenges you encountered, useful resources you discovered, etc.
Please use the scale below to indicate your level of experience with standards, best practices, and/or guidelines:
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Contact Information
Paul Green
HFES Standards Implementation Task Force Leader
University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute
Human Factors Group
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-2150 USA
+1 734 763 3795

Matthew Bolton
Council of Technical Groups Chair
Associate Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering
University at Buffalo, State University of New York
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