2018 Spring Legislative Survey
1. Do you support or oppose the increase in the state income tax that was passed last year in Illinois?
2. Currently, state law allows voters to go to referendum to raise property taxes but not to lower them. Do you support a change in state law allowing you to go to referendum to lower your property taxes?
3. Should the Illinois Constitution be amended to take the process of drawing legislative district maps out of the hands of elected representatives to make the state's redistricting process independent and non-partisan?
4. The Speaker of the Illinois House has been in office since 1971--making him the longest-serving state legislative leader in U.S. history. Do you support term limits for legislative leadership positions like President of the Senate and Speaker of the House?
5. Recreational use of marijuana is currently legal in eight states. Do you think Illinois should legalize its recreational use?
6. The country is in the midst of what has come to be known as an "opioid epidemic." Results from the 2016 National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that an estimated 11.5 million people had misused opioid pain relievers. Do you know someone who has been personally impacted by the dangers of opioids?
7. Do you believe that individuals caught repeatedly abusing opioid prescription drugs without a prescription should continue to receive treatments and recovery services, or do you think they should receive jail time?
8. Would you support additional funding from the government to be directed toward research and treatment of opioid addiction?
9. Other concerns you would like to discuss with Senator McConchie:
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