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IMDEX Exchange?
The IMDEX Exchange is the first decentralized exchange that returns the exchange's revenue to users.
The IMDEX exchange has the same speed as the centralized exchange of trading and response speed.
So they can make safer deals than centralized exchanges.
Also, since only coins that have gone through thorough verification can be listed, they will trade of volume as much as centralized exchange.
The IMDEX exchange will open in August.
Also, coins with a large volume of transactions on the IMDEX exchange will be listed on the Korea Exchange, which will open in September.
The IMDEX exchange will soon generate a lot of volume as it is a exchange where users can trade and receive profits.

Be reminded that listed coins with top trading volume at IMDEX will be listed preferentially at Encrypth which is Korean centralized exchange the dividend of IMDEX will be begun at 00:00 am on September 17. (

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