Client COVID-19 Pre-Appointment Declaration Form
Thank you for choosing to visit Julia's Day Spa!

We would like you to relax during your visit and immerse yourself into the Spa. For this reason, we have taken extra measures to safeguard our guests prior to arrival.

For the safety of our guests and our therapists, we kindly ask you to complete this declaration prior to arriving at Julia's Day Spa (but no earlier than 48 hours prior to your arrival).

Please only fill out and submit this form if your appointment is in the next 48 hours. Please note that we will not be able to provide any of our treatments or allow entry to Julia's Day Spa if this form has not been filled out prior to arriving.
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Date of your booked appointment *
1. Have you visited any countries outside Ireland or Northern Ireland in the last 14 days? *
2. Are you suffering from any flu like symptoms / symptoms of COVID-19? *
3. Are you experiencing any difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath? *
4. Are you experiencing any fever like / temperature symptoms? *
5. How are you feeling health-wise? *
6. Have you been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days? *
7. Have you been in contact with someone who has visited an affected region in the past 14 days? *
If you have answered YES or UNWELL to any of the questions above, please contact us as soon as possible on 087 966 1875 as we may need to reschedule your appointment.
Additionally - If you or a member of your household has developed any of the symptoms stated below AFTER submitting this form and BEFORE arriving to your appointment, please contact us before arriving to Julia's Day Spa, so we can obtain further information.
- Cough
- Fever
- Breathlessness
- Sore Throat
- Headaches
- Lack of Taste or Smell

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