Ho Ho Go Experience Activity Booking Form 好好過導賞活動報名表
Please read the Terms and Conditions before proceeding to your booking.    All customers will be deemed to have accepted and consented to these terms and conditions when they make the booking. 報名前請先細閱活動細則及條款。貴客報名後即表示已接受並同意有關細則及條款。

A reply will be sent to you via email soon.  Please also check your junk/spam folder in case you cannot find our message within 24 hours of your enrollment.  Thank you.  我們即將向您發出回覆電郵,若您於報名後24小時內仍未收到我們的回覆,請檢查你的雜件/垃圾郵件信箱。謝謝。
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Personal Particulars of Participant
Ho Ho Go Experience has insured each participant for joining in our activity.  Participants with age from 16-70 will be covered by full one-day travel insurance.  For age of 15 or below, maximum indemnity for death and disablement will be limited to 25% of sum insured.  No insurance will be covered for participants with age 71 or above.
To activate the protection, please fill out the required information below.  

Apart from our insurance offer, we encourage all participants to purchase personal insurance to obtain protection as required.

We pledge to meet fully with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong. The personal data collected in this form will be solely for use by the insurance company for the respective activities.



我們承諾遵守香港法例第486 章《個人資料》,在此表格所收集的個人資料,只會用於處理與活動相關的保險事宜。
Name of participant 參加者姓名: *
For insurance purpose, participant's information as set out in this part should tally with the particulars shown in the identification document.    Please refer to clause no. 8 of Terms and Condition for details. 因保險公司規定,有關資料須與身份証明文件所填報的內容完全相同。詳情請參考細則及條款第 8 節。
Gender 性別: *
Passport Number /  Alphabet and last four digits of HKID No. 護照號碼 / 香港身分證號碼尾四個字母數字字符(如456(7))(有關資料在適用的情況下,或會用作[綠色生活本地遊]的申請) *
Age 年齡 *
Country國家 *
Food Allergy 食物敏感/Taboo 忌諱: *
Please fill in "nil" if no food allergy/taboo.如沒有食物敏怠或忌諱,請填"無"
Date 日期 (first choice 第一選擇) *
Selection on date of activity subject to availability. 所選日期以成團的日子為準。
Tour Activities 活動名稱: *
Date 日期 (second choice 第二選擇) *
Selection on date of activity subject to availability. 所選日期以成團的日子為準。
Language use 語言: *
Telephone no. 電話號碼 *
Preferably with WhatsApp 有 WhatsApp 為佳
Email Address 電郵地址 (Please use other account other than Yahoo, if available.  如可以的話,請避免用yahoo 帳戶): *
All booking correspondences and confirmation will be carried out via email.    Please refer to clause no. 12.4 of Terms and Condition for details. 所有報名的通知及確認均以電郵發出,詳情請參考細則及條款第 12.4 節。 Yahoo account usually screens our  message as spam and even ban our messages.  Please white-list domain: hohogo.com.hk and check spam mail box if you are using yahoo account.  Yahoo 帳號經常把我們發出的郵件定為垃圾郵件並加以阻攔。如果您使用Yahoo帳號,敬請把我們的域名hohogo.com.hk加入白名單,並檢查垃圾郵件)
No of participants參加人數 *
Please advise on the number of participant(s)
Names of group participants團體參加者名稱
Each group member has to fill our a separate form for insurance purpose. 二人以上的團體參加者,每一位參加者均須另行填寫參加表格作保險安排。
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