Dear OAS holders on BW.com,

OAS will be conducting a coin swap for holders on BW.com.
Our procedures are like the following:

1. Send your OAS tokens on BW.com to 0x7877AceAc40a2348ca884821E7a128ff9E308996 ETH address.
2. Finish the following survey.

Coin swap will take place on December 28th, 2019.

*If for any reason you have acquired OAS tokens through a malicious method, swap process might be denied.
*Please register for the coin swap by December 22nd, 2019
*OASCHAIN will be available on both Futurepia's mainnet and Ethereum. You can sign up for futurepia's wallet on snacpia.com or use MyEtherWallet or any alternative wallet to receive ERC-20 based OAS coins. Please note that OASCHAIN is not legally responsible for the management of alternative wallet's privacy and security.
BW ETH Wallet Address
TXID for Withdrawal of OAS
My Eth Wallet Address or SNAC ID
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