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Hi there! I'm SEAMUS PATRICK BURKE and I'm over-joyed you want to commission some art from me. This form is designed to help me determine what you want in the most efficient way. Let me go over some terms before you make your request...

• All art is drawn digitally.
• Sizes & Prices on this form are NON-NEGOTIABLE.
• No nudity. No violence.
• No narratives. Static art only please (captions are acceptable).
• SPBURKE reserves the right to decline any commission requests for any reason.

If still you want art from me that does not fit the criteria on this form, please contact me at seamus.p.burke@gmail.com
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With that out of the way, LET'S BEGIN!
What kind of art are you looking for? *
What size would you like it to be? *
NOTE: All finished commissions exported and sent at 300 DPI & 72 DPI
Did you have a specific kind of COLORING you wanted? Flat? Shaded? Monochrome? Screentone? Watercolor? Please let me know!
Include a description of what you'd like. Be as specific as possible. *
Please include a link to any reference photos you think would help me.
Do you mind if I post this on my Website & Social Media? *
If you don't mind me posting it online, what name would you like it under?
How soon would you like the commission? *
NOTE: Minimum of TWO WEEKS for each commission. All commissions will be delivered within 30 days of accepted request.
All done! So NOW WHAT?
1. You click SUBMIT and send your request.
2. I respond within 24 hours accepting or denying your request.
3. If accepted, I begin drawing within the time frame agreed on the request form.
4. When completed, a lo-res watermarked image is sent for approval.*
5. If the commission is to your liking, expect an invoice from me.
6. Once the invoice is paid, the 300DPI & 72DPI versions of the final product are emailed to you and that's it! We're all done!
* One FREE round of changes is allowed. A 10% gratuity will be invoiced for every additional round of changes.
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