Sunflower Sleepover Registration
Thank you for offering your Guides the opportunity to be involved in the Sunflower Sleepover and connect with Guides across the state from the comfort of their suburb or town! Through Skype, they will be able to meet the State Team of GGV, play our game (and earn badges) and if wanted, connect with other participating units too.

Please organise your sleepover as you would normally and ensure that you complete and submit your paperwork. This form is to assist the State Team to know who is getting involved, collect Skype information and be able to share this information with other participating units.

An activity resource pack can be found on the GGV website to offer inspiration for your Guides to plan a sunflower inspired program and menu.

We understand that some halls have better data connectivity than others. Please check in advance if you will be able to connect to the internet and Skype using a Leader's phone, laptop or other device. If there is poor internet connectivity we can arrange to make a phone call instead, but please contact us in advance. If you have any questions about this or anything else, please email us at

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Is your sleepover just for your Unit or are you holding it with others? *
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What is your preferred time to contact the State Team via Skype? We will confirm your 15 minute time slot after registrations close. *
Would your unit like to connect with other participating units via Skype too? If yes, your Skype name and Leader contact details will be passed onto the other Leaders participating in the Sunflower Sleepover. *
We can play the State Team Game via Skype! Our State Team Game is basically Rob the Nest and we play it at most of the camps and events we visit. You will need to provide 5 baskets, paper plates or similar objects to be the 'nests' and about 20-30 objects to be the balls (ball pit balls, mini bean bags or pom poms etc.) We will give the instructions over Skype and then send badges in the post (when we play this face to face we hand out a badge for playing). Would your unit like to play? *
If yes, is there a particular person they'd like to play with so they get their badge? Many Guides now have our badges from meeting us around the State and are chasing one or two specific ones. *
Thank you!
Please remember to organise your sleepover, complete your risk assessment and submit your forms as you usually would. This survey is designed to give the State Team information about who is participating and to help us all connect on Sunflower Sleepover weekend.

If you have any questions please contact us at

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