Information for corporate yoga class
The following series of questions will be helpful in customising a yoga class
for the needs of your group. Please answer to the best of your knowledge. Namaste.
1 *
Name of contact person responsible for organising class:
2 *
Will this be an ongoing class, or a one-off session?
2a *
What dates/days and times suit you best?
3 *
How many people are expected to attend the session?
4 *
Will the sessions be within at the workplace, or will a venue need to be arranged?
If the classes will take place at the workplace, please list the address details here:
If a venue outside the workplace is required, do you have a venue in mind, or would you need us to arrange one?
5 *
Does your group have any special needs for the class? E.g. injuries that might make it difficult to comfortably work on the floor?
6 *
Could you please specify the average age of those who will be attending the class?
7 *
As a general indication would you say that those attending the class are Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced in their practice of yoga?
8 *
Please explain as best you can the main reason why you have chosen to organise a group yoga class? (For example to work on team building, or as a reward for the completion of a project, or any other reasons)
9 *
Yoga generally works on the body, building strength and flexibility, as well as the mind, helping to relieve stress and increase a sense of wellbeing. We can, however, tailor the class to focus more on the needs of the group attending. Should you wish to focus more on any one area of practice (for example: rest and renewal, meditation, or more of a challenging dynamic strength-building class) please specify:
10 *
Are there any areas of the body that you believe your group as a whole would benefit from focusing on?
11 *
What sector of business does your company operate within? (For example: health sector, legal, finance or other)
Any other information that you may wish to provide us with so that we can tailor a class to the needs of your attendees can be provided below. Thank you for taking the time and we hope you enjoy your class.
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