Registration Form FLANDERS BOOGIE 2018
Please fill out this form in order to register for the Flanders Boogie 2018.
IMPORTANT to know: for all disciplines you want to attend the boogie, you need to be able to safely fly your slot in a group jump. We do not want to categorise on jump numbers. Here is the criteria we want to stick to:

FREEFLY: you need to be able to safely fly in an 6-way head-up jump!
FS: you need to be able to safely fly in an 8-way FS jump!
WINGSUIT: you need to be able to safely fly in an 6-way WS flock!
ROOKIE-COACHING: you need to be able to safely fly in an 4-way belly group!
If 4-ways are not for you yet, it is a little bit to early for you to join the organised parts of the boogie. Of course you are more than welcome to jump your ass off during this awesome jumping week! Please also fill out the registration form :-)

* members: registration is open from April 15th.
* non-members: registration is open from April 25th.

Please read this info before you fulfil the payment, to get to know what the rules are :

* Once registered and paid, there will be NO REFUNDS done, at no conditions!
* You are responsible for having a valid third party liability insurance.
* The repack cycle at our federation is 180 days. We are aware that some federations allow a 1 year cycle and that is fine to us. However, for all federations/insurances we’ve never heard of, we will stick to the 180 days-rule.
* Please make sure that you are jumping an appropriate canopy (type and size) for you skill level. If we realise that you are jumping a canopy that does not suit your experience level, we will refuse to let you continue jumping.
* All vehicles parked at a wrong place/spot, will be towed at the owners expenses.

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Tell us something about your skill level for all disciplines you want to do attend organised jumps during the boogie!
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