Fairest Applications
If you would like to play a character from a fairy tale, book, movie or other media, please check the canon list first to see if it is available: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dci9qXYHyfNqLtMSe4M1vcGXqFByfuTh95JuP1E4Bxs/edit

This application is mainly to track canon characters and which characters are in each group. Multiple characters are fine, but please fill out an application for each.

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Character Name
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Any character can be any race under 10 meters. You are welcome to change the race of canon characters.
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Which group is your character in?
Character Job or Title
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Are you playing a character from a book, story, movie, or other place? Which one?
Playing a canon character from modern stories is perfectly acceptable.
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