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This form is to be completed by the mom inventor wishing to join Mompact's private Facebook group.  

The Mompact group is a resource for mom inventors moderated by Shelley Straitiff.  All members must abide by group rules.  The spirit of the group is to connect mom business owners with other moms who are on the same journey.  The "pact" we share is to support and encourage one another at no charge, to provide honest advice, to "play nice", and to keep group conversations confidential.  

No coaches, distributors, service provider, bloggers/reporters, retailers or other supply-chain functions are allowed in the group.  There is no soliciting of products allowed. Although we try to avoid having owners of competitive products in the group, there is always some overlap.   Company secrets like vetted manufacturer information and specific marketing strategies should be guarded.  Questions and information shared in the group should benefit all members.  A separate group exists for favors, votes, individual needs, etc.  

We maintain a membership committee to approve new members.  Members must 1) be a mom, 2) be the inventor/creator of a product, and 3) have a mass-manufacturing and retail focus (not craft or hobby products at this time). Products do NOT have to be baby or children products. The committee has the right to remove anyone from the group who is not following group rules or who does not share in the spirit of Mompact.  Members who violate confidentiality, participate in negative business practices towards other members, or use the group for to market products or services will be removed.  

If you would like to be added to the group, first "friend" Shelley Straitiff ( so you can be added (or have the person who referred you make the request) AND COMPLETE THE FORM BELOW.
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