Please mail me a Lane County Canvassing Packet or a few e-Sheets
Help collect signatures for the STAR Voting for Lane County ballot initiative campaign! Signatures are due by July 1st 2021. All signatures collected must be from citizens registered to vote in Lane County, OR. Canvassers can be from anywhere and do not need to be registered voters.

E-sheets: If you only plan on signing yourself or collecting a few signatures please use the e-sheet which can be downloaded and printed from . If you don't have access to a printer fill out the form below.

Canvassing Packets contain: Petition sheets with 10 lines each, canvassing instructions and script, legal text of the initiative, mini-zines (cute pocket sized handouts.)

NOTE: If you have old signature sheets on hand already, please do not use them to collect new signatures. Just sign on the circulators line and mail them in, whether or not you have all the lines filled. Our official form was updated in October 2020, and new signatures collected need to be on the current sheet, which only lists 2 Chief Petitioners on the back. Mail them in as they are if they have signers on them or recycle them and request the current forms.
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If you selected 1-3 we will send you a few e-sheets, which are each good for a single signer. If you requested more than that you will get a canvassing packet with enough sheets to collect the max number of signatures you selected. If you are not sure how many you can collect feel free to be optimistic. Each sheet has enough lines for 10 signatures but it's fine to not fill all the lines. If you would like to request more signature sheets or have something else to share please let us know below. *
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