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Chamber / Association Leadership Survey
Are you as a leader looking to increase the size of your membership, retain more members, and show so much value that past members would renew? Taking this short survey is a great step in that direction.

The Membership Benefit Program is a unique program that doesn't cost the chamber / association anything, does not take time, or cost the chamber anything. Yes . . . we know it seems too good to be true, but it is. Complete this survey and see for yourself the power of systems and partnerships.

1. What is the biggest challenge you as an association / chamber having? *
2. What would you say you believe the biggest challenges your members are facing? *
3. If there were three things you would love help on as a chamber / association, what would you love help on? *
4. How open to new ideas is the chamber / association board? *
5. Size of current membership.
6. Size of prospective members.
7. Size of email database - members and non members
To provide you feedback on the above please provide us with your contact information.
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