Modern Nations 2000 World Power Survey
There are three sections to the World Power Survey that will cover the main aspects of a country. This is divided into: Political Influence, Economic Stability and Military Projection.

Your votes MUST be based on your interactions with the countries you are voting on, and MUST be based on in-game events.

For example, voting country X for power projection, because they are a friend despite having done no IC military deployments, would not be considered a legit vote.

Any votes for yourself, will be voided. You can do this to null your vote if you are unable to answer a question.

Additionally, this is for a specific country and not for a company. For example, not voting for a country for Economic Stability because a company is in debt, is not a valid reason not to vote for that country as the two are separate entities despite controlled by the same player.

The World Power is designed to cover two fronts. Fact, which is the most military deployments, economic stability, etc. On the other front, is influence and inspiration for which country your government 'looks up' too.

So, what is a world power?

Becoming a world power is an outstanding achievement to obtain in which you possess both economic might and influence. Unlike real life, military strength plays a minuscule role in distinguishing who is a world power because this symbol is an indication of how much influence you gain and not whose forces are the largest. You must receive enough votes from the nations of power to acquire the status. However, at times players may use this restrictively to designate a state whose power is pre-eminent in one specific area, such as their military or wealth. We'll be allowing 3 world powers at any one time but this does not always make them equal. Their existence determines the stability of the international stage as well as the prospects for war and peace, so it's important that our players vote with complete honestly. The voting process will occur every 12 months within game.

Each world power will receive a star symbol before their name for a period of 6 out-of-character months. However, this will not transfer with you in the event of a transfer. The position will remain vacant until the voting phase in the next game year. World powers will be known for their technological advancement, therefore they can access commercial and military products that enter service up to 5 years later than the forum. They will be allowed to sell, trade or exchange these products with the rest of the community, allowing more sophisticated technology to be used within game. Certain national statistics will improve as you become a prosperous, stable nation and it's reasonable to expect local authorities and military troops to perform better as a unit. These conditions, in turn, directly relates to courage, confidence, discipline, enthusiasm, and willingness to endure the sacrifices and hardships of their duties.
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