"I Need Some Help Here!" Hope Heroes Application

Dear friends-

I just spoke for a group of moms where one of the mentor moms asked me where I got the ideas for my books. My response, “I usually write out of my own weakness. My next book is all about how we as moms can feel that we are not good enough as parents and how to rely on God in those weak times.”

The mentor mom replied, “Oh, I never felt inadequate as a mom.”

This book? It’s not for her.

My hope with I Need Some Help Here – Hope for When Your Kids Don’t Go According to Plan is that every mom who thought that her parenting journey would be different. Who thought that if she just tried her hardest, her kids would fall into place.

This book is for all of us who have done our best, but our kids -- whom we love and adore -- are not necessarily on the path we would have chosen for them.

If you have doubts as a mom, join me. We want you to assure the moms that you influence, that you speak to through your blog and via social media, that they are normal. They are OK. They are cherished.

And while we try with all our might to do the best we can with our kids, ultimately, they belong to God. And that is the best place for them to be.

Thanks for your willingness to bring hope to a world of women who desperately need it.

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