MSCE Summer Camp 2020 Application Form
To apply for the MSCE Summer Camp 2020, please:
NOTE: Camp dates have been moved 1 week later due to Taiwan's delay to semester start. MSCE at Mackay Medical College dates are now Th 7-2-20 to Th 7-9-20. The second week trip to Heng Chun Christian Hospital will be Fri 7-10 to Thurs 7-16.
1. Fill out the following form.
2. Read and sign the MSCE Statement of Faith.
Electronic signature is acceptable. Email signed form to
3. Have one letter of recommendation from a pastor, spiritual adviser, or other mentor sent to

If you are a returning TA, please fill out this form, including the "Returning TA" question at the end. It is fine if you use the same or modified answers as before, but please do enter answers for the questions. Returning TAs do not need to submit a letter of recommendation or signed statement of faith.

First-time TAs do not need to answer the "returning TA" question.

After submitting the application, you should have the option to edit your responses until the closing date of application (3/2020). (NA- late invited applicants)
Personal Information
Full Name *
Email Address *
Date of Birth MM/DD/YYYY *
Gender *
Cell Phone # *
Other Phone # (Home, parents', etc) *
Current Mailing Address *
Best way to reach you *
All team members are expected to be available for contact regarding preparation, planning, and communication purposes. This is especially important in the late spring-early summer months preceding camp. We expect that if contacted, you will reply promptly, even if it is to say, "I am busy right now and will get back to you in 2 days on this." Please list/describe how you are best available.
Include any planned additional events that may affect your availability in terms of communication and preparation. Example: "I will be traveling to rural Taiwan in late June and may not be able to have internet contact."
Current School
Major / Discipline of Study
Expected Month and Year of Graduation
Home Church and/or Current Church(es) and Christian Fellowships
Mandarin Chinese Speaking/Listening Proficiency
NB: Proficiency in Mandarin Chinese is NOT a pre-requisite for the Mackay Medical College first week camp. Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese are both useful but not required for the second week trip.
natively fluent
Clear selection
Other Language Ability
Taiwanese, Cantonese, Spanish, etc.
Will you require financial assistance for MSCE? *
Choose one.
How / from whom did you hear about MSCE? *
Please indicate your interest in the following: Note: weeks of camp and service project will be pushed later into July due to recent coronavirus-related delay in Taiwan schools returning from Lunar New Year break. Date for 2nd week trip is now set for 7-10 to 7-16. *
Untitled Title
Experience (Long Responses)
Suggested length of responses: 150-300 words each.
Please summarize when and how you became a Christian. *
Please describe your current (within the last year) involvement with your local church. *
Please briefly describe your previous Christian missions experience(s). This may include long distance trips, local missions, and if you have yet to participate in those, sharing the gospel experiences. *
Please briefly describe your previous leadership experience. You may also write about important leadership qualities that you hope to develop. *
What are your strengths and skills, especially those that you believe would be valuable for a Christian medical summer camp in Taiwan? Also, what is a weakness that you have? *
To help guide your response, we have listed some important TA strengths and skills: build lasting friendships with MSCE students; initiate English conversations with students who may be shy or quiet in nature; facilitate small-group discussions so that members feel safe and encouraged to share; work with US team members and small group co-leaders to contribute to Christian unity.
Why are you interested in joining MSCE this year? *
( Returning TAs, leave blank or write "N/A".)
Returning TAs: Why are you interested in joining MSCE again? What was the highlight of your past experience, and what would you do differently this time? *
(First-time TAs, leave blank or write "N/A".)
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