Fight Song Challenge Voting Form
Please watch the videos below (all created, filmed, and submitted by our fabulous YellowJacket teachers and students!), then vote for your favorite. Voting ends Wednesday, February 24; one vote per person, please.
Entry #1
Mrs. Bauman's Junior Jackets
Entry #2
Mrs. Hotchkin's Kindergarteners
Entry #3
Mrs. Roth's First Graders
Entry #4
Mrs. Lehman's Second Graders
Entry #5
Mrs. Arbuckle's Second Graders
Entry #6
Mrs. Stack's Fourth Graders
Entry #7
Mrs. Lamb's Fourth Graders
Entry #8
Mrs. Arbuckle's Fifth Graders
Entry #9
Mrs. Hawes's Sixth Graders
Please select your favorite Fight Song Challenge entry below. *
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