Faithwalkers Scholarship
Form to apply for the Faithwalkers Scholarship at The Rock. The Rock is supplying 10 $100 Scholarships to first-time Faithwalkers attenders. If you've attended the Faithwalkers Conference before then you're not eligible for this scholarship.
Applicants must be regular attenders at The Rock. You must give the name of your small group leader or reference of another regular attender at the Rock to confirm you are a regular attender. Scholarships will be given on a first come, first serve basis. This is per person, so a married couple could each apply individually for this scholarship.

If you are approved for the scholarship, you will be instructed with how to submit a reimbursement to the Rock finance office to receive your $100. You will first need to register for the conference, and then submit your receipt along with reimbursement form in order to receive your scholarship. You should receive a copy of your application after submission. If not, please submit another response or email Pastor Karl at

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