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Knitted Packers are intended to be an accessible, affordable penis prosthetic for anyone who may need or want them.

🏳️‍⚧️ All genders welcome! 🏳️‍⚧️

Made with 100% cotton yarn with PolyFil stuffing that is removable/adjustable so you can adjust the size as needed. An acrylic yarn option will also be available for swimming & other activities requiring fast-drying materials!

Knitted Packers are always free! The cost of materials for one packer is roughly $6-10. Shipping out orders tends to be the biggest cost we incur, at roughly $15 per order.
Donations are greatly appreciated but never necessary. Please email me to ask about how to donate!
If a larger amount of donations is collected than is necessary to complete orders, the excess donations will be used to support mutual aid funds & campaigns for trans people in need!  

Use this form to make an order for a Knitted Packer :0)

Your order will be fulfilled *within 2-3 weeks’ time of when your order is started*, which may mean a longer turn around time when there is a queue.
You will be contacted when it is ready to be shipped or picked up!

If you would like an update on where I’m at with your order, you can do so by emailing me at:

Thank you!
Teddy (they/he)


Knitted Knockers Canada's FAQ page:

Wear & Care Instructions: 

If you or someone else would like one or a pair of knitted knockers, the order form is here:

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Would you like your Packer to be made in cotton or acrylic? Cotton is suitable for everyday use, an acrylic blend is used for swimming. *
What packer size would you like? Please indicate whether you are using millimetres or inches. Millimetres are more accurate, but I can use either measurement. *
Please choose from our current colour selections. You may choose more than one & add your preference in the "other" section. If none of these options are preferable, you can use add your own with the "other" section, but please note it may take longer to fulfill your order! If no colour is selected, one will be chosen based on inventory availability.
What are your pronouns?
Mailing address (Vancouver locals can ask about pick up if they’d like to minimize our shipping costs (~$15 depending on the cup size). Please be mindful of the time & planning it takes to meet up and be willing to come pick up the knockers and/or at least meet us halfway! Thank you <3) *
If you would prefer to be contacted about your order in a form other than the above email, please include it here:
Anything you would like to ask or for me to know? :0)
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