"Times Up" Oakland! Measure Z Endorsement
For Fair Workplaces and Ending Sexual Assault on the Job

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Across the country and here in Oakland, women and low wage workers are saying “Time’s Up” on sexual assault and unfair workplaces. The initiative will support, protect, and uplift the voices of hotel housekeepers, who are overwhelmingly women of color and immigrants. We need your support to ensure this measure is on the ballot in Oakland!

We endorse the “Time’s Up” Oakland ballot campaign that will:
1) Address sexual assault in the workplace among hotel workers by providing a panic button to every hotel room cleaner and creating procedures to protect workers who are assaulted or threatened on the job.
2) Set a living wage and workload standard to address wage theft and inhumane workloads that leave housekeepers exhausted and vulnerable to displacement.
3) Increase enforcement to support all minimum wage workers & ensure Oakland labor standards are followed.

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