2019 South Asia Center Summer Internship Program Application
Please ensure you answer all questions completely before submitting. All submissions due on February 11, 2019.
PART 1: Student Information
Penn ID
Class Year
Cumulative GPA
Expected Graduation Date (Mo/Yr)
Telephone #
Email Address
Local Address
Permanent Address
Emergency Contact Name
Emergency Contact Phone #
Emergency Contact Email
Emergency Contact Relationship to You
PART 2: Passport/Citizenship Information
Do you have a valid passport?
If yes, what is your passport number?
Passport expiration date
Will your passport expire within 6 months of your return from study abroad?
Passport Issuing Country
Name on Passport
Check the appropriate space regarding your citizenship or immigration status
PART 3: Diversity Survey
Please help us evaluate the effectiveness of the University's efforts to involve a diverse group of students in its programs and activities
Are you a first-generation college student?
Do you receive financial aid?
Do you require financial assistance in order to participate in this program?
PART 4: Short Answer Questions
How did you find out about this program
To which summer internship program are you applying?
After reviewing institutional and mentor descriptions, provide a short description of your proposed research. If you plan to work on an independent project of your own design, students are strongly encouraged to submit proposals that host institutions and/or mentors can easily accommodate. If you would like to contribute to work the organization is already conducting, please specify the topic(s) you are interested in (250 words or less).
Do you have previous experience working with this topic? If yes, please explain. If you have never worked on this issue/with this population before, please explain why you would like to (250 words or less).
Have you taken a Research Methods course or conducted research before? If so, please give details, and explain the process, challenges and outcomes of previous research (250 words or less).
Please describe a time when you had to be self-directed and resolve a conflict while working in a challenging environment (250 words or less).
Please list 2 references. References can be academic or professional. If possible include at least one from a faculty member who might have a direct interest, or serve as an on campus project mentor. (Please include: Name, Phone #, Email, and Penn Affiliation)
Please upload a PDF of your unofficial Penn transcript using the form below.
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