2019 Class Selections updated 4.6.19
Choosing Classes - Directions

For pre-registered scholars, selection will begin on March 23 and end on March 29. On March 30, those new to the program will begin selecting classes. All selections from both returning and new scholars MUST be complete no later than April 15. If you do not select classes by April 15, we will assume that you are no longer interested in attending in 2019.

After looking at the Course Catalog and the template of classes (grid that shows what time and week classes are offered) choose your first three preferences for each time period. Many classes are offered more than one time, you can mark it as a choice in each of the time periods it is offered, but you can only get it ONCE (for example, you can not take Forensics more than one time over the course of the program).

Read the descriptions carefully and note if the class takes more than one class period. Your first period is your "Major" - you will be in that class for approximately 3 hours a day every day of the program.

The program is divided into 10 "periods". For each of the periods, choose your first, second and third choice - these are three DISTINCT choices, you cannot mark Visual Arts as your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice. You can have Visual Arts as your first choice, but you need to give 2 more options in case Visual Arts is over capacity.

We will be monitoring selections throughout the process to adjust numbers or class offerings - for example, if we find that there is a huge demand for Improv, but no interest in Ping Pong, we may be able to offer another section of Improv and reduce the number of Ping Pong offerings.

Course selections are processed in the order received (there is a time stamp on the form). Once all preferences are in, we will run the program and work very hard to make sure that the maximum number of people get their top choices.

Your schedule will be in your folder on the first day. Keep a copy of your choices so that you can anticipate what your schedule will look like. If we have questions about your choices, we will email you.

You can check srdecats.org website for all updates. We will update template and form as we add or replace sections. The reason for any change is because of demand for a class.

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Choose 12 different classes that you most want to have on your schedule - regardless of the time. Be aware that unless there is ample room, those scholars in Culinary Arts will not be allowed to also have a Culinary Arts elective. Also remember that you may take an elective only one time during the 3 week program. *
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