JSMR 第13回年次大会 研究発表応募 / Call for presentations
Acceptance/Rejection will be notified by e-mail.
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(例)今野 貴之 / Ex. Takayuki KONNO
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(例)明星大学 / Ex. Meisei University
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その他 著者全員の氏名と所属 / Name(s) and affiliation(s) of co-presenters *
(例)今野 貴大(明明大学)、今井 貴大(星星大学)
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多文化関係学との関連性(約200字) / Please explain the relevance of your proposed topic to the conference theme. *
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本学会の関連主要研究領域 / Area (Please choose one you think the closest to the domain of your study) *
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