Madison Middle School 5th to 6th Grade Forecasting 2020-2021
This form is used to help us pair you with another student to share your locker, and to place you in the best elective classes we can for next year. Please complete this form by no later than May 29th. Thank you.
What is your Last Name (Student)? *
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You will need to share a locker at Madison Middle School. Please talk to your friends so that you choose a locker partner that agrees to place your name on their forecasting as well. Write the name of the student you would like to share a locker with next year: *
Please select your current Elementary School from the dropdown list. *
Elective Selection
All incoming 6th graders will be automatically scheduled into the following core courses:

* Math
* Language Arts
* Science
* Social Studies
AND 1 Trimester (12 week class) Each:
* AVID Lite / PE / Health

You need to choose one of the following options on this form!

* Year Long Beginning Band
* Year Long Musical Theater
* 3 different Trimester enrichment classes.

***Our Trimester enrichment classes give you a taste of some of the Year Long electives you can take as a 7th and 8th grader, or expose you to other classes you may not have considered or thought you would like. It is important to note that you are choosing what you would like to have. Although we try to honor all requests, we cannot guarantee you will get your requests. Please indicate your preferences below.
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