2018-2019 PTA Board Nomination
The PTA Nominating Committee is now accepting nominations for the following Executive Officer positions for next year’s PTA Executive Committee. We welcome all nominations and will strive to create a diverse and balanced roster of applicants that accurately represents our school’s demographic. Please be aware, to accept a nomination for the PTA Executive Committee you must be a PTA member in good standing for at least 30 days before the election. Anyone can view the Standing Rules for the PTA on our website www.BlaneyPTA.com and look on the forms page. Our goal is to see that every parent has a voice on our PTA and is given the chance to become actively involved in enriching the educational opportunities at our school. You may nominate as many candidates as you choose; however, you must use a separate form for each recommendation. Thank you for supporting our PTA!

2018-2019 Nominating Committee

Elected Position(s):
These options will be on a ballot and voted on during our April 2018 General Board Meeting.
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Appointed / Non-Elected Volunteer position(s):
These options will not be on the ballot; they are to inform us of those who may want an appointed position on next years board.
I would like to be considered for an appointed/non-elected; chair coordinator position for 2018-2019 school year.
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